The basic idea of the geometry calculation of next|gear :
Boundless gearbox diversity

next|gear is a Matlab-based calculation program for the design and optimisation of gears. The software is able to calculate the geometry of gears, especially special gears with skewed axes. In addition to the gear kinematics in the contact point, the almost constraint-free macro and micro geometry description of the reference profile is one of the unique selling points.

The analysis of the tooth mesh allows the rapid optimisation of the tooth form and flank modification with regard to contact behaviour, efficiency, rotational angle error, service life and noise emission.

Another tool is available for the calculation of a manufacturing tool. Through suitable parameterisation, for example, hobbing or skiving tools can be generated and used for geometry calculation. The calculation of reference dimensions, such as the (two-)sphere dimension, can prepare the sub-micron surface for manufacturing and quality assurance.

The object-oriented application in MATLAB Script and LiveScript appeals above all to experts who want to incorporate their know-how specifically into the calculation process of your gearing application.

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